Residence ownership shifts : Cinema legend in the dark | Sunday Observer

Residence ownership shifts : Cinema legend in the dark

Cinema legend Dr. Lester James Peries and Sumithra Peries have been informed that the residence that they have been living over the years has been bought over by a company.

The letter issued by the law firm, D.L. & F. de Saram, referring to the property at No. 24, Dr. Lester James Peries Mawatha, Colomb 5, states that the property has been bought over by a company named Celocity (Pvt) Ltd. and that the rents have duly been transferred to the new owners.

Although the tenants are merely notified of this new development, they are worried that their uninterrupted occupation at the property will be disturbed.

Sumitra Peries told the Sunday Observer that she doesn’t want to trouble her husband with such technicalities considering his age and health.“We received a letter from the law firm of our landlords stating that they have sold the property to a company and henceforth they will be our landlords, and to pay the rent to the new owners. We don’t know what else to expect. The new owner can change his mind. We have been living here over 48 years now; they should have informed us before hand,” she said.

The residence is situated in what was previously known as Dickman’s Road and was later changed to Dr. Lester James Peries Mawatha, to honour the maestro. (AS)


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