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Gerard Pulle : Goodbye dear brother - You’ve left a vacuum

On receiving the sad news from Down Under,
Of the death of my younger brother,
I couldn’t keep back many a tear,
’Cause his sudden loss I couldn’t endure.

Seventy three years from the time of his birth,
He has left planet earth,
To join his parents - Bernard & Cecilia - and Wife Isabel,
Guided by his Guardian Angel.

He had his primary and secondary education,
In a leading Catholic Institution,
A College named St. Peter’s,
Amidst its garden of fragrant flowers.

His electrical engineering skills, at Walker & Greig Ltd he honed,
And to greater heights in that field he zoomed,
In the land of his birth Sri Lanka,
And in the Country of Domicile Brisbane Australia.

His marriage to (Tiny) Isabel,
was a perfect example,
of inter-racial Harmony,
In a multiracial society.

As husband and wife
they got on without strife.
It was crystal clear for all to see,
The way they nurtured - Shenika, Nilushika - their progeny.

He was fond of little children,
the occupants of the kingdom of Heaven.
Hence, during the last decade of his life - he was blessed with two grandchildren - Eloise and Dorian,
To acclimatize himself to the ambience of Heaven.

Though his wife predeceased him by five years,
his daughters and their families prevented him from being lonely or shed tears,
Even to breathe his last
He rushed to his daughter’s arms quite fast.

With his siblings - Terrance, Anton, Florence and Lena and their families,
He had close ties,
Till he left the world’s stage,
Three years past the Biblical age.

Goodbye dearest Brother and Friend,
Though your life on earth has come to an end,
Those near and dear to you - will you miss,
While you enjoy heavenly bliss.

- A. Pulle