Istagee Peiris : ‘We miss your grandmotherly affection’ | Sunday Observer

Istagee Peiris : ‘We miss your grandmotherly affection’

I’m writing these few lines to cope with the sadness and loneliness which still lingers in my heart. No matter how much time has passed, you will always be missed Achchi Ammi…It’s been 2 years since the day you left us. You had a lot of dreams and wishes for us. As your beloved children and grandchildren we tried our best to fulfil your dreams and wishes.

I still remember, I used to tell you “ Achchi Ammi there is a long long way more for you to go” when you say that you are getting old. But, life is such, that death did part you from us, leaving our hearts miserable, lonely and sad.

Though our minds were determined to make your dreams come true, we all needed time, Achchi Ammi. Because, except me, all your grandchildren are still too young. Meha and Dini’s scholarship, Avinash’s O/L examination, Malik’s A/L examination, Manisha’s job at a standard organization and finally, my marriage, were included in your dream list. But, we all needed time which you didn’t have.

You had such a loving heart, but all you needed was time which none of us were able to gift you. And here I am, a wife in my own home. My wedding day was the best day of my life.

Staring at the crowd I kept missing you, Achchi Ammi. But, I know that from up above you would look at me and be happy for me while I’m being blessed.

None of my cherished childhood memory is ever recalled without a sweet memory of you. From the day I was born, you looked after me so dearly that my parents would have felt very lucky to have you. I’m sure all your children felt the same because all your grandchildren were brought up and groomed by you, their loving grandmother.

I learnt English while being a student in your English class and every word I pen here proves how well you taught me.

It was the weekends, that my brother and I, together with our cousins, loved the most.

Your mouth watering dishes made our weekends beautiful. It’s not only your delicious food that we miss.

We miss your grandmotherly affection, we miss worshiping you and receiving your blessings, we miss the good feeling of giving you a gift, we miss wishing you happy birthday and seeing the happiness in your shinning eyes, and most of all, we miss your presence with us, Achchi Ammi.

Your beloved son Milinda, daughters Dilumini, Sepali and Geethani are still shedding tears for you. From the time spent at the hospital bed praying for you, until today and forever, your much loved children and grandchildren will miss you always. You will be remembered in our prayers the same way you prayed for each and every one of us. Deep in our hearts you will always stay loved and remembered.

May your gentle soul rest in peace in the Lord who you served so faithfully.

- Yasendri (granddaughter)