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About our son - 30 years old non-smoker teetotaller academically and professionally qualified overseas presently attached to a leading private organization at managerial position. We are a Buddhist G/K family from Colombo suburbs seeking a pretty cultured educated daughter from similar background. Both parents retired from private sector after holding senior positions and well established. The proposed son inherits assets to lead a comfortable life. Reply with full details and horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]

Absolutely pretty daughter sought by B/G parents for Dentist son, 38 yrs., 5’7”, Royalist, residing Colombo, NS/TT. Please reply with horoscope. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified daughter sought by elders for Software Engineer 34 yrs, 5’10” employed in Melbourne, Australia. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified pretty partner working in Australia or willing to migrate is sought by G/B parents for their son fair and handsome, 36 yrs, 5’9’’, BSc Engineering graduate (USA), Senior Manager of a reputed company in Sydney, Australian citizen. Reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well-mannered, pretty daughter below 27 yrs, living in Australia or willing to migrate is sought by professionally qualified G/B parents for their 3rd son. He works as a Mechanical Engineer in Australia and PR holder. He was born in 1989 October and 5’10” height, slim, very handsome and with sober habits. He graduated in University of Monash in Melbourne as Mechanical Engineer. His 2nd brother also an Engineer, married and have citizenship in Australia. 1st brother is in Italy and have PR. Parents live in Colombo. Please reply with details and a copy of horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Affluent G/B Aristocrat Family from Southern Province, renowned land proprietor and Attorney-at-law father seeks an absolutely pretty, well educated daughter from a well connected family for their eldest MBBS Doctor son 27 yrs, 5’10”, very smart & handsome, fair, NS/TT, entitled to valuable lands and houses. Email with family details and horoscope to [email protected]

An educated daughter with pleasing personality is sought by Govi Bodu retired govt. teachers for their son 36 years 5’4’’ in height, holding BSc and LLB degrees, at present working in the capacity of contract Specialist for a foreign company based in Sri Lanka. Other two brothers well qualified professionals. Pls reply to; [email protected]

Australian citizen 43, 5’11” in height C/K mother seeking a partner for handsome well built present presently Engineer son. Divorced after short marriage. Email : [email protected]

A handsome Sinhala youth of 37, graduate of UWS, owns a small business and lives in Sydney with parents, seeks a compatible lass in looks and intellect to marry and settle down in Sydney. Race, religion and wealth immaterial. Proficiency of languages and being qualified for employment in Australia are highly preferred. [email protected]

A mixed family hails from suburb of Colombo sought for a professionally qualified bridegroom for Accountant daughter age 27 years and citizen of Australia. Reply with details. [email protected]

BG professional parents Colombo suburb seeking a bride for their son educated abroad, 34 fair, 5’7’’, MSc qualified IT professional currently working for a leading organization living in Melbourne - PR holder. Caste religion immaterial, non-malefic Shani Kuja 9. E-mail: [email protected]

Buddhist Govi well-connected, affluent, respectable family from Colombo looking for pretty, slim, educated, religious, well-mannered and simple daughter (preferably from medical profession) for our proposed son 27, slim, 6’1’’, NS/TT, simple, charming and handsome, qualified with MBA. Currently working as a Surveyor at a Civil Engineering company in London, he also owns property business. [email protected]

B/G Colombo Business parents search a suitable daughter below 27 years for their son who is 32 years old, 5’6’’ tall, well educated and currently engage in family businesses. For further details contact: [email protected] All the family details will be treated as highly confidential.

B/G Educated parents seek pretty professional daughter for son 29 5’11” PhD student graduating soon from reputed US University. Reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

B/G Kandy, 38 years, 5’6” fair and well mannered bank executive owns a house and a vehicle divorced after a very brief marriage and no encumbrances. Parents seek a fair pretty working girl. [email protected]

B/G, educated parents in Australia seek a pretty, slim, well mannered daughter for their qualified, handsome son, 30 years old, 5’8”, employed as an Engineer in Australia. Please forward family details and horoscope to: [email protected]

Catholic Govi parents seek a fair, pretty, educated daughter below 35, for their son 1975 born, 5’4”. He is a Graduate from UK University and British citizen. Preference for Catholics or Christians. 031-2222798, [email protected]

Catholic Govi Sinhala respectable parents living in USA seek an educated partner for their son 31 years, handsome, height 5’11”, working in the public sector, MBA Graduate. Preferably willing to relocate to USA. Reply with details to : [email protected]

Colombo Catholic parents seek fair pretty slim educated daughter for their handsome son 34 years, 5 feet 5” height educated in a reputed Colombo school, and graduated from a leading University (UK), in Business Administration, currently working as a Manager in a multinational company. He owns substantial assets including a modern house, real estate and other investments. Please respond with family details. Email: [email protected]

Colombosuburbs Bodu/Govi retired government servant parents seek pretty, fair daughter for only son 28 years, 5’9’’, studied in a leading boys’ school in Colombo. He is a degree holder in Business Management and MBA in Business Administration, intending migrate shortly, inherits substantial assets. Expect to build up relationship leading to marriage. Daughter living abroad or willing to migrate is preferable. Reply with details horoscope to email [email protected] or Tel: 011-2509955.

Educated kind slim pretty and pleasant partner from a respectable family is sought by professional Sinhalese parents living in Austalia for their 32 yr. old son. He is tall, handsome, kind and generous and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He holds a managerial position in a reputable Australian bank. He is a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and Australia, with assets in both countries. Caste and religion immaterial but must speak English fluently, and be willing to settle down in Melbourne. Please email family details, attaching a copy of the horoscope to: [email protected]

GB parents seek pretty fair slim undergraduate / professional daughter (18-21) well brought-up with Buddhist values for a friendship leading to marriage for their son 24 handsome 5’6” kind caring TT/NS graduated Engineering professional British citizen. Caste immaterial. Replies only to email [email protected]

G/B professional parents seek an educated daughter willing to migrate or living in UK(preferred) for their son 32yrs handsome British Citizen 5’11’’ BSc(Hons) postgraduate well established Senior Software Engineer in UK. Please respond with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Moor parents from Colombo residing in Middle East seeking a qualified fair pretty bride below 25 years for their son 26 years 5’8” tall, CIMA fully qualified and a degree holder holding a management position in a MNC in Middle East. [email protected]

Moor respectable parents from Central Province looking for a fair, pretty, educated (Bachelors / professionally qualified) bride below 23 years from a respectable family for their 27+, 5’11’’ tall, Masters qualified, handsome son. Please contact: [email protected]

Respectable Kandyan Buddhist Govi parents seek a suitable partner for their Software Engineer son 29yrs 5’4” presently employed in Australia. Reply with copy of horoscope.

Respectable parents residing overseas seek educated pretty kind hearted daughter below 27 yrs. living in UK/Europe for their educated son who is employed in UK. Please reply to [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist parents from USA looking for a suitable partner for their son, highly educated, Master’s Degree and currently working abroad for an international company with a substantial earnings and benefits. He is 5’10” tall, 35 years of age, handsome, athletic, kind-hearted. Educated at a leading private school in Colombo, owns upstair house and other assets in Colombo. He is looking for a pretty, slim, understanding, well brought-up partner. Was married less than week limited to signature due to no fault of his and legally separated. Caste is immaterial. Please reply with horoscope details to: [email protected]. Please note parents will be in the country March 2017.

Sinhala Govigama well established business family from Colombo seeks very pretty slim, daughter from a matching family for son 6’0” very handsome fair smart qualified with an MBA (UK) Managing Director of his own companies, owns substantial wealth, including land & properties worth over 200 million, aged 35. Reply full family details. [email protected]

Sinhalese Govi Buddhist parents seek a partner for their son. He is an academically and professionally qualified Engineer and holds a PhD. He is 41 years 5’4” fair pleasant and young-looking. Please reply with family and other details. Email: [email protected]

Southern Govi Buddhist Government retired parents look for a suitable bride for their Graduate Lecturer son 39, 5’8’’. Buddhist Value cherished N/S, T/T with noble human qualities. Non malefic horoscope. [email protected]

Sri Lankan living overseas but currently in Sri Lanka 75kg 5’10” seeks partner 45-60 yrs slim tall lightskinned speaking some English. Leaving SL in a few days and will return shortly for a longer stay. Pls send details to [email protected]

USA Resident MBBS (Colombo) Employed in healthcare sector 37years 5’9” Govi Buddhist parents also living in USA seeks proposals preference to professionally qualified 30years and below, conversant in English. willingness to migrate essential. Cast no major consideration. Reply to observer or Email [email protected]