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Abans unveils new gen Apple MacBook pro

Abans PLC, recently unveiled the newest generation of the Apple MacBook Pro series for the first time ever in Sri Lanka. Featuring an integrated Touch Bar, Apple’s latest innovation, the groundbreaking MacBook Pro aims to redefine, revolutionize, and enhance the computer user experience, while catering to the diverse variety of needs conveyed by consumers today. The new MacBook Pro boasts a much thinner and lighter design, while being equipped with a unique fingerprint scanner. It also continues Apple’s rollout of the USB-C, which was introduced with the MacBook last year.

The Touch Bar and Touch ID features provide you with a progressive new way of using your MacBook Pro. Replacing the function keys that have long occupied the top of your keyboard, the dynamic Touch Bar gives you instant access to the tools you require for the relevant task on hand.

This is due to the fact that the Touch Bar changes automatically based on the activities you conduct on your MacBook Pro. Hence, you can achieve several tasks through the Touch Bar including, expanding, contracting, and customizing system controls; answering iPhone or FaceTime calls from the touch bar without moving the cursor; selecting a palette and tapping to choose a colour for text or objects; using text suggestions and emoji for the Message and Mail apps; and function key capabilities.

The right end of the strip also contains Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button, which is similar to the one fitted onto the iPhone and iPad, and can be used to unlock the laptop and confirm payments.