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CIC workshop for Shoora Govi Peramuna

A workshop to disseminate knowledge on new agricultural technology for the ‘CIC Shoora Govi Peramuna’ under CIC’s Manussakama program, was held at the Gannoruwa Training Institute recently. The training was conducted by Prof. Buddhi Marambe of Peradeniya University’s Agriculture Faculty and Advisor of CIC Manussakama, Wasantha Dukgannarala.

The welcome speech and a lecture on positive thinking was delivered by Advisor of the CIC Manussakama program, Wasantha Dukgannarala.

Prof. Marambe enlightened the audience on the consequences of using harmful alternatives by farmers to control weed following the glyphosate ban.

The lectures were followed by discussions where the participants had the opportunity to raise questions with regard to current issues faced by the agricultural sector.

Prof. Pushpakumara spoke on the importance of using new varieties in cultivation and explained its advantages.

Doctor Punyawardena spoke on global and local climate changes and the importance of water management as a precautionary measure to face drought conditions caused by climate changes. Chief GAP Certificate Implementer A.S.M. Roshan outlined the significance of obtaining the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certificate in export agriculture and the provisions of obtaining the certificate within Sri Lanka free.

Manju Gunawardena introduced the innovative concepts of using drone technology in large scale cultivations, and demonstrated how to conveniently control the drones via a mobile app.