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Effervescent drink from Hemas Pharmaceuticals

Berocca Performance, an orange flavoured multivitamin effervescent drink, is a combination of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, Biotin, Folic acid and essential minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and zinc, which work to support your mental alertness and physical energy throughout the day.

This multivitamin effervescent is from Bayer, a German multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Germany in 1863 which is a pioneer in the fields of human, animal, and plant health of the modern day.

Berocca and has been marketed in over 70 countries since 1969.

Berocca is distributed in Sri Lanka by Hemas pharmaceuticals, an importer and distributor of pharmaceutical, surgical, and diagnostic products in the Sri Lankan market. For over six decades, Hemas pharmaceuticals has shaped the country’s health care industry by implementing world class products. It’s these very products, coupled with their extensive reach, that allow them to enrich the lives of patients all throughout Sri Lanka.

The aim of Hemas pharmaceuticals is to impact the level of nutrition in Sri Lanka, according to the Managing Director of Hemas Pharmaceuticals Mrs. Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson “Unlike other tablets, Berocca is an effervescent, fast working and more efficient tablet which packs more micro nutrients into each tablet.

Here at Hemas Pharmaceuticals we are continuously striving to provide better and innovative products to improve human life.

With Berocca we are one step closer to build a nation of healthy individuals.”