JAT’s ‘Master Plaster’ eliminates sand use | Sunday Observer

JAT’s ‘Master Plaster’ eliminates sand use

JAT Holdings has introduced a new product, ‘Master Plaster’ all-in-one-solution, totally eliminating the use of sand in plastering.

Besides being cost effective, it also ensures the conservation of scarce natural resources such as sand, the company said.

“In keeping with JAT’s ‘Green Policy,’ ‘Master Plaster’ respects the boundaries set by global environmental protection regulations which frown upon the excavation, transportation and usage of river sand in the building industry,” said Managing Director of JAT Holdings, Aelian Gunawardene.

“Sand mining has immense long-term negative effects on the environment. With the introduction of Master Plaster, we eliminate this issue and offer an easier, cheaper and environmentally friendly product,” he said.

The conventional manner of constructing walls is to use bricks or blocks and finish with coats of plaster done through a process of sand-cement plastering using POP/putty pruning.

Now, with a single, direct coat application of ‘Master Plaster,’ this costly and archaic two process method of plastering has been eliminated, affording optimum, cost effective results.

The advantage of ‘Master Plaster’ is that it can easily be applied directly on all internal walls (brick, block or concrete) without the aid of sand-cement plaster and application of wall putty and sanding. With the additional advantage of containing 20 square feet of coverage ensuring a thickness of 12mm in each 25kg bag, it guarantees great value for money.

The revolutionary cutting edge technology of ‘Master Plaster’ guarantees a huge saving in time and cost by incorporating user-friendly innovation, a company spokesman said.