A new lease of life to: Radalle Pannaloka Memorial Pirivena

The newly built Kamal Sri Buddhist Education and Bhikku Training Centre at the ‘Vaapikaramaya’ at Boralesgamuwa will be opened on February 5 and a dana will be offered today 100 bhikkus on February 6. The event will coincide with the 50th birthday of of Venarable Ponnilawa Rathanapala Thera, the chief incumbent of the Vaapikaramaya temple.

Trained under the tutelage of erudite prelates such as the late Ven. Radelle Pannaloka, the late Ven. Thalavitiye Pemaloka and the late Ven. Bellana Gnanawimala, Ven. Rathanapala Thera gave a new lease of life to his temple Radalle Pannaloka Memorial Pirivena, Poorwaramaya.

Dedicated to propagate dhamma he trudged from village to village chanting pirith to its people. At present around 40 samaneras continue their education in the Bhikku Training Centre he set up.

– Gamini Liyanage




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