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Plea for unity...

Among the many, S. Asia can be proud  
It’s Lanka to world one can speak loud.  
It has completed 69 years service to nation  
Also with pride they celebrate the occasion  
Independence, galaxy of patriots did pioneer  
Is celebrated annually with grandeur.  
Set on stunning ocean with beautification  
It’s called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.  
It was the most esteemed regarding trade  
With fame that never did fade  
Amidst vast wealth of natural resources  
Strategic significance was enormous  
There lies the world renowned Trinco Port  
Comparatively there was nothing of the sort  
As a favourite touring destination  
Offers a lot to their wide imagination  
Earlier, we faced many invasions  
First it was from S. Indian nations  
Then came the nations of the west  
Spices and Christmas were their quest  
Missionary zeal in their minds first  
Soon turned to be, for wealth a thirst.   
Due to disunity in the Sinhala Kingdom  
Then Ceylon lost her precious freedom.  
Country never tolerated alien rule  
Hence, all races were ready with heart and soul  
Independence thus gained with great pleasure  
Is the greatest gift we preserve as a treasure.  
United we must stand now giving up rivalry  
United we must stand to achieve peace – prosperity  
- Rupa Banduwardena