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Adam’s Peak

There are several places of religious importance in Sri Lanka. Among them, Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada is regarded as the most important religious place. Sri Pada is a sacred mountain situated in the Sabaragamuwa Province. The distance from Colombo is 101 kilometres. The height of the mountain is 7362 feet.

The main significance of Sri pada is that it is held sacred by people belonging to all the four major religions. Buddhists believe that the sacred foot print is that of Lord Buddha, while Hindus believe the foot print is that of God Shiva. Muslim devotees believe it is the foot print of Adam. So they call it Adam’s peak. Christians believe it to be the foot print of Christ’s disciple Thomas. Accordingly, Sri Pada has become a sacred place for all religions.

Devotees go on pilgrimages to this sacred mountain every year. The pilgrimage season begins in December and ends in May.

Sanya Keshini,
Grade 6,
K/Uggalboda M.V.,