Absolutely pretty educated daughter sought by parents for Medical professional son 38 yrs., 5’6”, NS/TT, residing & working Colombo, migration considered. p​r​e​t​t​y​d​a​u​g​h​t​e​r​6​6​6[email protected]

Academically qualified daughter who is living in Australia or willing to migrate sought by retired parents for their elder son. He is a teetotaller, non-smoker, MSc qualified Consultant Software Engineer, Australian citizen working in Australia. He is 5’10”, 34 years old only horoscopes with Kuja in 7th House. We are Buddhist Vishvakula family, caste immaterial. Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected] 011-4935705.

Academically qualified, pretty daughter preferably living in Australia (TR or PR) or preparing for migration, is sought by B/G parents, for their 28 years old handsome and kind hearted son, 5’6 1/2”, TT/NS, telecommunications engineer with 1st class BEng (Hons) and MSc from reputed UK university. He worked as an engineer for a leading telecommunications company with an attractive salary in Sydney. Now reading for Master’s in IT at an Australian university. Also he can support with the PR or 457 visa for a suitable bride. His IELTS and skill assessment is completed (total of 55 points). Reply with family details and horoscope to: [email protected]​.​c​o​m

Academically, qualified, kind hearted well mannered and pretty Christian/ Catholic daughter is sought by a reputed business family in Colombo suburbs for their handsome smart 21 years, English speaking son who is a director of their own company and he deserves over 250 Million of assets. Please contact after 8.00p.m.(0112-796680) or reply

Affluent professionally qualified BG parents seek an academically / professionally qualified BG, kind-hearted, pretty, daughter in her mid / late thirties with assets for foreign qualified good looking only child with doctoral and professional qualifications, with substantial assets working in Sri Lanka in a reputed company drawing a six figure salary, divorced without encumbrances. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Email address: [email protected]​c​o​m​

An educated daughter who’s over 5’3” of height is sought for son running a small business, teetotaller, non smoker, abstained from any mischief, truly handsome fair 40 years close to Colombo owns an upstair house and a vehicle [email protected]​o​m

An educated pretty well-mannered daughter below 34 who values Sinhala culture from a respectable family sought by Colombo suburbs retired (Govt. staff grade) mother for her younger son B/G Attorney-at-Law in Civil Courts, holds Master Degree (LLM) born October 1977 looks younger 5’8” handsome non-alcoholic, non-smoker. He owns substantial assets. Elder brother married and living in Australia. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email: [email protected]​l​.​c​o​m

Australia citizens S/B parents seek simple attractive slim daughter preferably from Australia for academically qualified (IT) employed son. He is 5’11” 30 yrs. and well established. Reply with details. [email protected]​.​c​o​m

BoduGovi parents seek a partner for their handsome NS/TT son born in March 1989 height 5’11” studied at a leading School in Kandy graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Software Eng. Degree. He was attached to a well-known Software Firm in Colombo as a Software Engineer for 2 yrs. and presently he has started his own venture for developing software and earning a substantial income. He owns a modern house in Colombo suburbs vehicle and inherits few lands outside Colombo. Educated, well mannered pretty caring daughter is sought, please reply with family details. [email protected]​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

BoduGovi retired parents seek a fair slim pretty educated decent daughter below 32 years for our 33 years Trinitian decent NS/TT 5’6” height son professionally qualified from an U.K University BSc, MSc (duble) MBCS IT currently working to British company in Colombo. Only sister married & gone U.K for Phd. H.C should match Kethu 7 Deva gana preferable UK/ Colombo resident others also consider. Reply with HC/ family details & contact No. Email: [email protected]

Buddhist Govi Colombo suburb parents seek suitable partner with Sinhala Buddhist values for our son NS/TT kind-hearted graduated and employed in Australia PR holder born 1983 height 5’6” visits Sri Lanka in February. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]​.​c​o​m​ Tel: 011-2650729.

Buddhist Govi residing in America educated son sought a pretty religious bride below 35 years. He was born in 1976 height 6’ never married teetotaller non-smoker owning assets in America and Colombo. Kethu 7, SiyawasaNekatha, ThulaLagna. Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Buddhist govi respectable parents seek professionally qualified partner of same cast preferably doctor for their son doctor M.B.B.S, MD born in 1974 5’7” height fair handsome. Please reply with family details and horoscope E.mail:[email protected]

Buddhist / Govi / Durawa retired mother seeks an educated and kind daughter to her sober on 1987 June height 5’9”, IT, MBA Graduate, holding a Senior Software Engineer Executive post, educated in a leading Sinhala Buddhist College in Colombo, who owns a house, vehicle and assets. Only brother (BSc UK) is a Bank Officer. [email protected]​.​c​o​m

B/Deva respectable business family residing in Colombo seek well-mannered pretty and well-educated daughter with Sinhala Buddhist values (preferably Engineer or Doctor) from a family with similar background for their handsome son. He is an Engineer 30 years 5’4” NS/TT educated in a leading school in Colombo graduated from prestigious university in USA and currently works at a reputed company in USA. Please reply with horoscope family details and contact information to: Email: [email protected]​c​o​m

B/G Colombo well-established business parents searching a suitable daughter below 28 years for their son who is born in 1984, 5’6” tall and educated up to MBA for further details. Please contact through [email protected]​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​. All the family details will be kept as highly confidentially.

B/G Kandy, 38 years, 5’6”, fair and well mannered bank executive owns a house and a vehicle. Divorced after a very brief marriage with no children/ encumbrances. Parents seek professionally qualified pretty girl. [email protected]

B/G parents seek partner from Sri Lanka or overseas for 1984 March born 5’7” handsome TT/NS son working in a foreign company located in Sri Lanka as Executive Quality Controller. Reply with family details and horoscope to [email protected]

Catholic parent seeks Catholic / Christian caring capable partner aged between 32-38 living overseas or willing to migrate for 1977 born Australian citizen qualified well employed son of unblemished character. Race caste immaterial. Responses will be acknowledged. [email protected]​o​m​

Christian parents from Pannipitiya seek kind, educated pretty daughter willing to migrate, preferred for their son 32 years NS/TT, 5’11” fair smart handsome studied in Catholic leading College Colombo working International Airline as Asst. Manager, drawing nearly 7 figure salary and other assets. Legally separated after 3 days marriage. Marriage only for the papers. Differences immaterial.

Colombo BoduGovi professional well to do parents seek a pretty educated daughter living in Australia or willing to migrate to Australia for their Australian PR holder 30 years 6 feet handsome son with post graduate and professional qualifications and well employed with good means. Reply with copy of horoscope to email: [email protected]​l​.​c​o​m​

Colombo suburb BoduGovi respectable parents seek educated slim fair daughter of similar caste for their son 1987 Nov. 5’6” handsome with good manners educated at a leading school in Colombo and Moratuwa University. Reply with horoscope and contact details. Email: [email protected]​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Established gentleman 38 yrs 5-9 height, looking for partner. Age, caste immaterial. Divorcee & overseas partner can be considered. [email protected]​.​c​o​m​ 0117902856.

Govi Buddhist respectable parents seek an academically and professionally qualified daughter preferabvly a medical doctor in Sri Lanka or overseas for their, fair, good lookingg never married 51 years old son 5’6”, Consultant in Cardiology, employed in a hospital in Colombo. Please reply with family details. Email : u​p​u​l​w​i​c​k​r​a​m​a​n​a​y​a​k[email protected]

Kandyan G/B 25 years, height 5’8” Engineer with sober habits, employed as a Senior Consultant. Father a Company Director. Parents seek a fair, pretty educated kind-hearted daughter from a similar family background. Please reply with family details, horoscope and telephone number.

Kandy Kiribathkumbura Buddhist parents seek educated pretty bride preferably English Teacher, Banker, Doctor for their elder son born in March 1987 educated at Dharmaraja College, Kandy presently following Aircraft Engineering course in London.

Leading Muslim businessman 45 yrs, from Colombo seek a life partner divorced or widowed or new Muslims preferred in Colombo area, please contact with full details including contact No. E-mail: k​u​w​a​i​t​a​n​d​q​a​t​a​r​j​o​b[email protected] No. 011-4388311.

Moor educated parents seek pretty fair and academically or professionally qualified bride willing to get married this August and migrate for their well educated son age 31 fair 5’6” working in leading English Company UK as Integration Engineer. [email protected]​.​c​o​.​u​k

Moor parents from respectable family seek 2 religious brides from well connected family between 22 to 25 years age and height (5.4 - 5.8 feet) for their 2 sons age 28 and 26 Graduated in Business management and information technology, presently engaged as directors of leading business in Colombo. Pls contact email: [email protected]​l​.​c​o​m

Mother seeks educated daughter for her son living in Australia aged 37, 6’ tall holding an Executive position. Divorced with no encumbrances. [email protected]​c​o​m

Parents are looking for a bride in Australia for their son 1988 May, handsome 5’8” (B/G) past studied in Ananda College, Colombo, after studying Diploma in Hotel Management in New Zealand now working as a Hotel Supervisor in New Zealand. If you are interested please reply with family details, contact No. horoscope. email: [email protected]​o​m​ Con. No. 0112830281 (after 9.30 p.m.)

Parents living in USA seeking a well-educated, well-mannered pleasant looking girl with family values between 30 and 36 years over 5’2” in height for their son aged 35, working as an IT professional in a reputed firm in California. Reply with newly taken photo to: [email protected]​i​l​.​c​o​m

Qualified kind-hearted, pretty, tall, educated daughter sought by respectable, Sinhalese Buddhist parents from USA for their son, just turned 21, 5’7” height, looks, fair, handsome, well-brought up kind & caring son, non-smoker, professionally qualified from an USA University (Bachelors) Business and Marketing. Currently working in leading company. Willing to get to know the life time partner and settle in USA. Kindly forward family details, contact numbers in the first reply. E-mail : [email protected]​m

Respectable Sinhalese/Buddhist/Govi parents seek a very pretty and fair daughter for their only son born in June 1984 height of 5’11”. Father is Managing Director of a few subsidiary companies of a reputed business conglomerate in Sri Lanka. Our son had his primary and secondary school education in a leading international school in Colombo, and thereafter, he pursued undergraduate and post graduate education in leading universities overseas. He is a permanent resident in the UK. Currently he is employed in a leading financial institution in London as a Senior Executive. He owns properties in London. Please send the full family details with a copy of horoscope. [email protected]​m

Sinhala Buddhist / Catholic professional parents from New Zealand seek an absolutely pretty, well educated daughter for their son, highly educated, BPharm& MBA New Zealand and IPM (International Program in Management) Brazil. Managing Director of his companies owning businesses and investment properties in New Zealand. He is 5’7” tall, 35 years of age, fair, handsome, athletic, kind-hearted with sober habits. Please reply with details and all family details will be treated as highly confidential. Email: [email protected]​l​.​c​o​m​

Sinhala B/K retired graduate teacher parents originally from Down South, living in Colombo suburbs with a well connected, respectable family background seek a pretty, educated daughter for their 1982 January born NS/TT eldest son with an unblemished character. He is 5’9” tall, handsome, caring person with a pleasant & decent personality. Had his secondary education in a leading school in Colombo, academically and professionally wel qualified with BSc (Moratuwa), MSc (UK) and a Software Engineer by profession, working for a reputed IT company in a managerial position with a salary above two lakhs per month. He possesses wealth over 20 million including his own house in Colombo suburbs and his own car. His both younger brothers are also IT Engineers. Email: [email protected]c​om

Sinhala / Buddhist parents seek a pretty educated girl under 35 for MSc qualified, investment banker son living and working abroad. Apply with copy of horoscope and background details of family, which will be reciprocated. E-mail: [email protected]​.​c​o​m​

Son 36+ yrs. Govi/Buddhist lives in USA height 5’11” IT Engineer in a Global High Tech seeking of same caste. Partner below 30 yrs. 0382294908. [email protected]​c​o​m​

27 years, 5’7”, our son educated in a leading school, Colombo and Computer Science Engineer, fair handsome, engaged International Business. Academically qualified, age around 21-24, height between 63”-65”, well brought up beautiful kind fair bride is sought from upper middle class family by B-K/G parents living in Colombo suburbs. Non-malefic horoscope, ThulaLagna, SithaNekatha, Kuja 2, Shani 3, Rahu 4. Please respond with horoscope, family details & contact 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. through. +94112652396. [email protected]​.​c​o​m​


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