Eight already on the mat : Justice Ministry keeps eyes open for unscrupulous JPs

The Ministry of Justice has launched a countrywide operation to nab Justice of Peace (JPs) who misuse their honorary titles to earn money.

Eight JPs were nabbed during the past six months and their JP titles were cancelled as they were proved to have misused their honorary titles. Some alleged to have earned millions of rupees for the past ten years, misusing their titles by charging fees from the public who are in need of their services.

The Ministry of Justice has instructed all Divisional Secretaries countrywide to be vigilant.

Bingiriya Divisional Secretary, Kurunegala, W.E. Jayathilake, told, ‘Sunday Observer’, that it is illegal to charge any fees from the public for services rendered. Around 25 investigation officers have been deployed by the Ministry to nab them. When they solicit money from the public at passport offices, district secretariats, government and private banks, for attesting affidavits and other important documents.


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