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What is sweet if there is nothing to compare it with?

Anarchy is the latest stageplay produced by the Kandy-based Sri Theatre Company, which will unveil on the evening of 25 February at the Galle Fort Event Hall. Directed by Aslam Marikar, Anarchy is a tragic family drama filled with twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seats. After having two successful shows in Kandy, Sri Theatre Company has decided to expand to several other regions of the country, of which Galle will be the first. This being the very first time an outstation drama company would be performing an English play in Galle, Sri Theatre is extremely enthusiastic and excited about taking the initiative of bringing the external dramatic culture to Galle.

Anarchy, just like the previous plays directed by Aslam Marikar, is based on a very localized upper middle class setting, filled with dialogue, a multiplicity of characters, behaviours and traits that the play itself sets to satirize. However, that’s where all similarities end; Anarchy unlike the previous plays, is a tragedy. It depicts the disintegrating relationship among members of a family; the parents, Vijay and Devika, and their daughter, Sanduni. These are three contrasting character arcs that intersect to generate joy, pain, agony, which insidiously give rise to an irreversible breach of trust, throwing the entire family into a maelstrom of anarchy. What is sinister about the volatility within the family is that it is muted in the face of the public eye; this family is all about keeping up and maintaining appearances, and the calamity that ensues from it has a colossal impact on the audience, on society. However, the subtler impressions brought about by the play are not unique to this family alone - they’re ubiquitous and very much relatable, and therein resides the true beauty of the play.

As this is the first time that Galle will be presenting an English play from outside Galle, as well as Sri Theatre’s first time outside Kandy and Colombo, it is not without apprehension that the cast and crew of Sri Theatre await the date of their performance.

To come and watch the play is not a perfunctory request that the Sri Theatre Company makes to the people of Galle. They humbly and warmly beseech the people of Galle to take a break from their simple lifestyle on 25 February, to watch Anarchy at the Galle Fort Event Hall at 3.30pm and 7.30pm.

For more details call Rtn. Thilina (president) on 077 7365008

This production is done in partnership with the Rotary Club of Galle. The proceedings from the play will be diverted to a day’s free clinic for those that cannot afford medication.