Altair architect Safdie in Colombo this week | Sunday Observer

Altair architect Safdie in Colombo this week

An eminent architect, who has a special association with Sri Lanka, will visit the country next week to grace the 35th annual sessions of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA).

Moshe Safdie, the man who designed Altair in Colombo will be one of seven speakers on the topic of ‘Return of the City: Megastructure Redefined’ at the BMICH on Wednesday.

While in Colombo, Safdie is expected to visit the site of Altair, now at its 48th level on the vertical tower and the 43rd on the sloping tower, and meet representatives of its promoter, Indocean Developers. “The visit of Moshe Safdie is an important occasion for Altair and the 250 plus future tenants who have already purchased apartments, as well as for Sri Lanka’s architectural fraternity,” Altair Director Pradeep Moraes said. “The many inimitable structures he has created have made Safdie a legendary figure around the world.” Author of four books and a frequent essayist and lecturer, Safdie has been recognised widely for his enduring influence on the built environment. Safdie Architects’ projects can be found in North and South America, the Middle East, the developing world and throughout Asia and Australia, spanning a wide range of typologies, including airports, museums, performing arts, libraries, housing, mixed use and entire cities.

Moshe Safdie’s body of work over 50 years includes Marina Bay Sands -- the new icon of Singapore - the Kauffman Centre for the Performing Arts in Kansas City - rated one of the 15 most spectacular concert halls of the world -- and ‘Habitat 67’ in Montreal, the project that first brought him global recognition.