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Crysbro Group conducts Sisu Diriya for employees

The Crysbro Group conducted its Employee Welfare program Sisu Diriya CSR for the fifth consecutive year recently.

Under one of Crysbro Group of Companies’ CSR and Employee Welfare program, a brainchild concept of Group Founder Mohamed Imtiaz, Sisu Diriya, 663 students, the children of Crysbro Group staff received the entire set of books required for the new academic year 2017 for the fifthconsecutive year.

The SSisu Diriya CSR maneuvered under the guidance and direction of the Crysbro HR Team isconsidered as one of the most intimate and motivating events by the workforcewhich has won the hearts and minds of all Crysbro Group employees on top of all other welfare initiatives in the calendar year and is held with much grandeur and might by the workforce.

The event is celebrated in a aesthetic manner at all sites with pomp, merriment and revelry putting on show and demonstrating the aesthetic talents of their children in melody, dance, drama, compeering and other curricular activities. This has also contributed in enhancing the high spirit among the employees cementing the blissful organization culture that ushered level of top team work in the organization

The Crysbro HR Team with the passage of time has introduced much needed innovation to the CSR making it a more beneficial and memorable event for its employees introducing new fascinating and valuable features such as providing plants along with books and introducing poetry and art competitions and adding many more educational items each year. Furthermore, more variety was introduced in the CSR in 2016 with a poetry competition for Cryesbroemployees and an art competition for the children of employeesadded and held under the topic “Let's Protect the Environment".

The hidden talents and special abilities of Crysbro employees were recognized and rewarded with expensive gift vouchers at the CSR event. The victorious poems and drawings and other selected poems and arts were also printed in the first page of each book which was very much cherished by the employees.

Crysbro Staff students were also presented with Rs. 1000 worth of a gift voucher to purchasewhatever they want from DSI along with the pack of books.