Galvanized steel factory opened in Horana | Sunday Observer

Galvanized steel factory opened in Horana

A galvanized steel tubes and Pipes factory in Horana was opened By Qian Zhanxu, The factory was opened in the Export Processing Zone, with the approval of Board Of Investment of Sri Lanka which would help Sri Lanka’s construction as well as the furniture industry.

Taian Lanka Steel Company (Pvt) Limited opened its factory on 22nd January, 2017 which would manufacture large size galvanized steel tubes and pipes. This would double the production capacity and also enable the company to meet the expanding demand within the entire island. Established in 2010 Taian Lanka Steel Company (Pvt) Limited is a Joint Venture of Shangang Group International (Republic of China) and has recorded a rapid growth in the field of steel industry within a very short span.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. V. Thiyagarajah the Chairman of the company stated that the new factory of Taian Lanka is mainly to serve the construction industry as well as the furniture industry thereby enhancing the growth of Sri Lankan’s steel industry.

The chief guest as well as the shareholder of the company Mr.Qian Zhanxu said: Quote: “Taian Lanka Steel Company produce high quality and standard galvanized steel tubes & pipes, We assure to provide our fullest corporation to drive the company into the global market and also support Sri Lanka’s Development.”