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Electrical/Electronic - Equipment

PVC Wire Rolls 7/050 7/064 7/044 6mm Earth Auto Wire 28/35 Stop Start Push Button Switches MCCB MCB Current transformers plug bases Cord Switches, Generator. Contact 0712725644 Borella.

Machinery/Tools - For Sale

European made woodwork machine and sawing machines Name - Cambron - Shaping baw - planer planing upside 18”, planning downside 8” (CM42 thick planning) - 14” blade moulder and Rawter. Name - Campron - C Ruban - bank saw for wood cutting in large quantity. French made large scale polythene machine. Contact - 0769369145, 0779784645, 0776078248.

Vibrating screen suitable for crusher plant manufactured in Europe for sale. Inspection, call 0777-576667.

Woodwork machines imported from Europe for immediate sale. Name - Laurent 14” - planning up and down Name - Campron 14” with planer Name - Guillit - Moulder panelling of doors. Name - C Ruban Bank Saw - large sawing machine T 350 Alfamain - 4 electronic machines for picture framing. Halzer Scie panow playwood and cutting machine of various woods machines for immediate sale in wholesale or seperately. 0769369145, 0776078248, 0779784645.

Furniture - For Sale

02 Single Beds, 01Wardrobe, 01Dressing table plus, 01-7K.G(L.G) Front Opening Washing Machine. Contact: 071-7782333/ 0112581373.

Building Construction / Materials

Existing Concreet Floors, Cut and Polishing Terrazzo floors, Titanium floors, Renovation and Rendering 0712-776456, 0112-844618

House repairs - Now we too can attend to your all house repairs, renovations extentions. Industry standards are guaranteed (Masonry, Carpentry, Painting, Plumbing Steel works). Call for free estimates. K.G. Constructions, Pannipitiya. 0779033467, 0114272729.


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