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Short story: A friend in need…

12 February, 2017

At the beginning of the year in schools, teachers are busy identifying athletic talents of students, guiding them to perform well at the sports meet. Vignesh represented the Saphire House. He was an average student who did quite well in studies and sports. Suresh, his classmate represented the Ruby House. Although Suresh was a very good athlete, he showed less interest towards studies. According to the sports schedule, the track events were to be conducted during the second week of February. So, the students were training in their Houses. Vignesh and Suresh were also practising hard to perform well at the meet. It was really a challenge as there were several good athletes among them.

Sports Day arrived. Vignesh and Suresh completed their religious observances at home, received the blessings of their parents early in the morning, ate nourishing food to be fit enough for athletics and came to school with lots of hope. The weather did not seem to be much in favour as the sky was cloudy and there were signs of heavy rain. So with the help of the staff and students, the events started without delay.

When the events started, students started cheering and encouraging their friends on the playground. The events were conducted on schedule. The commentators too were a good boost for the athletes and spectators. The commentators announced the events and they called out for the participants in the 200m race.

All runners started warming up for the race. Among them were Vignesh and Suresh representing their Houses. The spectators started cheering for their respective Houses. It was a real treat for the spectators.

“On your mark, get set, ready…” the announcement came on and the athletes waited in excitement. “Go!” and the athletes started sprinting. The teachers and trainers of Ruby House had complete confidence in Suresh as he was the best runner in school. Suresh has won places in the district, provincial and island level meets too. At the same time, the other Houses too had the same thought and had hopes that their House would secure the second or third places.

Halfway through 100m, Suresh was leading, but then realised that there were something was wrong with Vignesh who was right behind him. When Suresh turned around, he saw that Vignesh had fallen. Suresh stopped then and there and ran to Vignesh, to realise Vignesh had fainted. He looked around for help but there was no one closeby. So he carried him away from the tracks.

Other runners continued with their race. None of them even glanced at what was going on. In spite of this incident, the students started cheering enthusiastically. A little later, teachers and other spectators came running to the spot. Suresh was waiting till someone came for help.

After their arrival, Suresh resumed the race but was unable to secure a place. But his gesture during the incident won praise from all. Suresh captured the hearts of all spectators. Later Suresh received a special award for humane quality.