CTB fleet to be increased by 1,250 new buses | Sunday Observer

CTB fleet to be increased by 1,250 new buses

The Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry hopes to add 1,750 more buses to the CTB fleet of 5,500 buses during this year.

The Ministry has called tenders to import 1,250 new buses including 900 two-door buses, 250 single-door buses, 100 low-floor buses and

500 engines, Transport and Civil Aviation Deputy Minister Ashok Abeysinghe told the Sunday Observer yesterday. The Ministry has also taken steps to repair 500 old buses by replacing engines and gear boxes. With the import of 1,250 new buses and repairing 500 old buses, the Ministry will add 1,750 buses to the CTB bus fleet this year, he said.

The Minister said in addition, steps will be taken to remove the buses which are between 15 to 20 years old from the fleet.

The Ministry has also decided to import 12 railway engines, six power sets and 160 train compartments under the Indian Credit Line. After tenders are finalised, we have to make a 30 percent advanced payment within three months to the manufacturers of railway engines and power sets. It will take nearly one and a half years to manufacture these railway engines and power sets.