Wiggi’s call for new constitution: NE Muslim leaders show no enthusiasm

Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran

Muslim leaders in the North and East have not shown enthusiasm following the call by Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran to his Muslim counterparts in the area to join hands in their move to find a solution to the ethnic issue through a new constitution.

Northern Provincial Council Member Aiyoob Azmin told the Sunday Observer that although he personally welcomes such a call he has not had positive response from his colleagues.

“I personally welcome his call towards Muslim leaders, but the concern I have is whether he has the mandate to represent the Eastern Province Tamil people,” he said.

According to Azmin, local leaders do not have confidence in Wigneswaran’s call. However, speaking to Sunday Observer Muslim Congress Secretary General, said that it is very forward thinking move and a positive act.

“North and the East Muslims must talk to Tamils. You cannot find a lasting solution to the problem without reasonable discourse and their consent. Not only the SLMC, but all active Muslims in the North and the East must respond to Chief Minister’s call,” he said. In his call, Wigneswaran said that both parties should let bygones be bygones and unify as Tamil-speaking people.


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