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Action against former SAITM CEO

Police investigating the shooting incident on then SAITM, CEO Dr.Sameera Senaratne, await the arrest of a former local politician and a driver attached to a local council who had reportedly helped to stage the shooting of SAITM CEO’s vehicle.

Police Spokesman DIG Priyantha Jayakody said that any decision to arrest Dr. Sameera Senaratne for making a false complaint will be taken after recording the statements of the local politician and local council driver who are absconding.

The investigation revealed that SAITM CEO who was later removed by the SAITM management had made numerous phone calls when planning the said attack. He said by avoiding the Police, the suspects linked to this incident indicate that they are directly involved. “Otherwise they could have easily surrendered to the Police and made a statement,” he said.

He said the Police need the permission of the Attorney General through the Courts to arrest him for making a false complaint.

“The incident has become a big issue because it is connected to the controversial SAITM case. If it is a complaint by an ordinary citizen there won’t be any big hue and cry about such a false complaint,”,he added. Few days after the incident, Police arrested a resident of Embilipitiya in connection with the incident and recovered a 9 mm pistol, a 3.8 revolver and a motorcycle, reportedly used in the shooting.

DIG Priyantha Jayakody said through the court they have handed over the pistol and the revolver to compare whether they tally with the shots fired on the vehicle of Dr. Sameera Senaratne on that day.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sameera Senaratne appearing on private TV channel claimed his innocence saying that he had not staged such an incident.

He stated that various rumours and reports are being published in the media regarding the shooting incident carried out against him. “I don’t know anything about the shooting incident. Neither did I plan anything regarding the shooting,” he said.

He further said that he requested the Chairman of SAITM Dr Neville Fernando to send him on leave until all these investigations are completed.