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International food court to be introduced at CCC

Chairperson – Food Studio, Lim Tai Toon Rusi Pestonjee – Director, Abans Group.
Chairperson – Food Studio, Lim Tai Toon Rusi Pestonjee – Director, Abans Group.

Colombo City Centre (CCC), a progressive mixed-use venture by the Abans Group in collaboration with Silver Needle Hospitality, is all set to change the urban culinary landscape of the city by partnering with Food Studio, a one-of-a-kind international food court concept that is scheduled to open by December 2017.

On 10th March 2017 at the CCC Experience Centre, the agreement was signed by Abans Group Director, Mr. Rusi Pestonjee on behalf of Colombo City Centre and Food Studio Chairperson, Mr. Lim Tai Toon, on behalf of Food Studio, signifying Colombo City Centre’s commitment towards elevating the food culture in Colombo, whilst providing an assortment of distinctive dining options to Colombo citizens.

Food Studio, the brand operating and managing the CCC Food Court, is an innovative food court construct founded and launched by Mr. Lim Tai Toon, a Singaporean Business magnate who is also the Co-Founder of Food Republic, an internationally renowned restaurant chain that hosts numerous restaurants and food courts across the Asian region.

Through the CCC Food Court, Food Studio will focus on introducing a new, unique food court concept in Sri Lanka by offering an array of diverse, eclectic cuisines, ranging from fine dining to street-style food, that have been specifically tailored for the Sri Lankan palate.

The Food Court will allow customers to enjoy a truly cosmopolitan dining experience in comfort, ease, and style.

Located on the 3rd floor of Colombo City Centre, the Food Court will provide Sri Lankans the opportunity to undertake a long-deserved culinary journey around the world by exploring the unique, rich, authentic flavours that the international cuisines available at the food court will have to offer. This set of cuisines will consist of Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Sri Lankan and many others.

Plus, it will possess a mezzanine floor within the food court space, which will comprise of a mix of quick service restaurants, food stalls, and miniature food kiosks. The Food Court will also include an open-air terrace, bistro, a microbrewery with Western BBQ-style food and seafood as well as a modern tea bar.