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Kanrich Finance launches Kanrich Thaksalava

The latest CSR initiatives of Kanrich Finance Ltd the Kanrich Thaksalava program was launched at Sri Maha Bodhiramaramaya, Batahena in Ratnapura recently.

This program aims to supplement the knowledge of the school-going children through incorporation of curriculum components and further study into the programs run by the Kanrich Thaksalava.

Head of the project steering committee and Assistant General Manager Kanrich Finance, Mrs Shyamini Fernando said, “The Kanrich Thaksalava program is aimed at students of grade 6 to grade 9 and supplements the curriculum components taught at school. We adopt innovative teaching methods in successfully delivering and complementing the English syllabi offered at school level.”

“Our aim is to reach out to underprivileged students who do not have access to updated resources and material and who do not have the facilities many of the suburb schools have. This is our way of building up and investing in next generation Sri Lankans and all this is offered free to the children of our micro finance policy holders,” she said.