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School vehicle tracking system

Safety is of utmost importance when you are entrusting your child’s commute to and from school. Increasing traffic situation and sudden road closures would mean that the school bus or van would take an alternative route to bring you child home safe and sound. Despite these concerns we tend to panic for the slightest delay and start calling the driver in frenzy. Understanding your frustrations, Etisalat Business Solutions is ready to launch a School Vehicle Tracking system.

“The solution is custom built taking the needs of the All Island School Children Transport Association into consideration and we a grateful to them for coming on board with us to implement this timely project.

This can be considered as a 360’ solution which enables the parent to track the school van when they require. All they have to do is install the corresponding application in their mobile devices,” Senior Manager Etisalat Business Solutions, Daminda Edirisinghe said.

To elaborate on the benefitsfrom this solutions; the drivers will be able to earn additional revenue by promoting this to the parents. While the drivers will be empowered with this added safety feature, parents can be rest assured about their child’s safety.

The solution also allows the driver’s to send SMS updates to the parents; about the traffic situation,whether the child got in to the van and notify the approximate time they would arrive at their homes after school.