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BEST BOOK REVIEWS: Secret brotherhood

First Prize

Angels and Demons is written by Dan Brown with millions of fans worldwide since its first publication in 2001 by Corgi, and the book is still declared as a best seller. With the still existing clash between religion and science, an ancient secret brotherhood has re-emerged from its long period of silence; this time armed with a devastating new weapon and targeting the unthinkable.

The latest discovery at CERN Institute, Switzerland, which will make the whole of the Physics world turn over a new leaf, leads to its inventor being murdered.

Robert Langdon, Harvard professor and symbologist, is called over to decipher a trail of ancient symbols to defeat the responsible.

I think the best reason for this breathless real-time adventure to be a good read is because all the references to arts, sculptures, architecture and the ancient brotherhood are factual (as are their exact locations) as well as CERN’s latest invention on Antimatter.


Gagani Avishka, Grade 10,

Lyceum International School, Panadura.


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