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My hobby

My hobby is collecting stamps. I have a collection of over thousand stamps, both local and foreign. I exchange stamps with my close friends. I have many colourful old stamps. They are in various sizes and shapes. I derive great pleasure from perusing my stamp collection. I have stamps of colourful birds, animals, kings, singers, dancers and great countrymen. Recently, I found the famous singer H.R. Jothipala’s beautiful stamp. He is one of my favourite singers. I know that collecting stamps is a paying hobby. There are some world famous valuable stamps. People buy these stamps paying massive sums of money. I often present my extra stamps to my friends to encourage them to collect stamps.


Sajani Sansala Tennakoon,

Grade 8,

WP/HO/Bope Rajasinghe M.V.,

Bope, Padukka. 


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