Shark breaks world record | Sunday Observer

Shark breaks world record

A new record has been broken by a Mako Shark that has travelled over 20,900 km under two years. The shark, named Hell’s Bay, travelled a distance equal to over halfway around the Earth.

The discovery was made by scientists at Florida’s Nova Southeastern University. They tagged and then tracked the shark creature from May 2015.

It was first tagged off the coast of Ocean City in Maryland, USA, before heading off on the first half of his journey which took him north along the eastern side of America. 

* Mako sharks are well-adapted and active open water sharks.
* They are excellent swimmers, reaching sustained speeds of 35 km/h with bursts to over 80 km/h.
* These sharks have rapid growth rates, twice as fast as some of the other shark species. Males mature at around two months, while females mature at about 2.6 months.
*They usually grow to be around four metres long, and weigh over 500 kilograms. 


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