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BEST BOOK REVIEWS: Ellie and Kate’s Adventure

Second Prize

My favourite book series is the Pony-Mad Princess, and out of the series my favourite book is Princess Ellie’s Summer Holiday. This book was published by Usborne in 2006. The author of this fantastic book is Diana Kimpton.

During the summer holidays, Princess Ellie and her best friend Kate go on a trip to a tropical island named Onataki. Ellie and Kate’s hobby is riding ponies, but there is a problem because there is no sign of ponies in the island. After a few days, Ellie and Kate meet a Princess named Clara who keeps troubling them. But when Clara gets into trouble, Ellie and Kate rescue her.

I like this book because when I am reading this book I imagine a beautiful paradise in my mind.

Hirunya Dissanayake,

Grade 9,

Defence Services College,










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