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The four seasons

There are four seasons in Europe. They are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Winter is very cold and gloomy and the sky is grey. Snowflakes fall and the roads, vehicles and trees are covered with white snow. Life during Winter is very difficult and birds migrate to warmer countries.

Then comes Spring, the snow melts and tender leaves come out and later flowers grow everywhere. The next season is Summer. The Summer days are hot and sunny. The sun shines brightly, and the sky is clear and blue. People go to the beach for a swim and enjoy themselves. People also play outdoor games like cricket. Life in Summer is fun and enjoyable.

Later leaves fall on the roads, and the gardens are covered with fallen leaves. The days become misty when Autumn arrives. There is rain and it is wet and gloomy.


Sanjana Raveesha,

Grade 8-S,

Buddhist Ladies’ College. 


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