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Ritigala Kanda which is of much historical value is located on the Habarana-Marankadawala road. The mountain itself has a long history dating back to 177 BC around the time Buddhism was established in Sri Lanka. It is the highest mountain in the North Central Province (2514), and the archeological findings here gave an insight into the early history of Sri Lanka. Ruins of an underground tunnel which leads to Anuradhapura can be seen next to the palace. There are a number of caves with broken granite Buddha statues and ancient inscriptions.

The Buddha Pokuna, built by King Pandukhabaya in 307 BC lies at the entrance at the foot of the mountain. It is said that the King had been hidden from his uncles, who were trying to kill him. During this period of time, he made his palace here, and fought the battle against his uncles. The King donated the palace to the Buddhist monks to be used as a monastery after he won the battle.


Jairus Rosbane I. Lokuhetti Samarawickrama,

Grade 8,

J.M.C. College International.


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