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The Protectors Palace

A collection of poetry and prose was recently released by Taarun Joel Sinniah.

The hard cover book is the first published by young Taarun, an emerging spoken word poet, musician and ardent beat boxer.

He had shown his prowess in writing at Trinity College and later at the Colombo International School.

He is presently studying at the University of Queensland. When browsing through the poems one can see that Taarun is a man with an immense appreciation for life, and who cares about others.

Some poems speak of renewed hope and second chances.

The poem “A stopped clock” is very thought provoking and reminds us that time waits for no man. It makes you realize the value of each day.

As the Phoenix flies talks about expectantly waiting in a somewhat dim situation, reminding us that patience is indeed a key to success, and that we must not give up.

The spirit of friendship and camaraderie is brought into focus in his poem, It ends with Fire.

Taarun draws our attention to the brutality of war in the poem, “Laser Guided Missile”, which shows the impact of such powerful weapons and also the power vested behind such decisions.

It makes one ponder about the safety of the world.

My favourite is the Tribute to Elizabeth Frye, where the young poet brilliantly captures the essence of leaving behind a loved one at death, and yet, inspiring hope and comfort for those left behind. It majestically manifests the dormant power of the human soul.

Overall, The Protectors Palace is a lovely collection well worth a read and showcases the talent of a new generation of gifted Sri Lankan poets. Dishan Joseph