Toppling the Government : JO day-dreaming says Rajitha | Sunday Observer

Toppling the Government : JO day-dreaming says Rajitha

More Joint Opposition (JO) MPs will cross over to the Government as their hopes of toppling the government has not become reality with the Government being in office for over two years, making comprehensive reforms within the country’s socio-economic fabric, Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said.

The JO MPs think that the Government will be toppled very soon, but no such nothing will happen as the Government has successfully moved forward since the day it assumed office, the Minister told the Sunday Observer yesterday.Dr. Senaratne said the Rajapaksas say this Government will be toppled very soon. The GMOA President also says that this Government will be toppled in three months. They all have got together to topple the Government.

“That is why I say all the strikes launched by the GMOA are politically motivated. We have to take some precautionary measures to arrest this trend,” the Minister added.

Categorically rejecting the claim by some JO MPs that the SLFP MPs in the Government will quit to form their own SLFP Government, the Minister said the JO is not in a position whatsoever to accomplish this task as they don’t have enough MPs. This is a mere dream which would never come true.

“At this juncture, it is only a National Government which can serve the country and that is the only solution to sort out outstanding issues,” he said.

Asked whether there is confusion as to amending the Constitution or bringing in a new constitution to resolve outstanding national issues, Dr. Senaratne said, “What we want is to fulfill the promises on the constitution that we have given to the people. To fulfill those promises, if we have to draft a new constitution, we will do so. If it has to be endorsed by a referendum, we will do that too.”

The Government would either introduce amendments to the existing Constitution or draft a new one. Either way, we will keep the promises given to the people. The Minister also said that he is not aware of any Cabinet reshuffle to be made and added that there was a discussion about certain ministries. But most of these are media speculation.