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Best practices in mobile marketing

23 April, 2017

In mobile marketing, you need to offer an unforgettable experience to customers. It is not an easy task to acquire users in this platform because 24.3 million devices are registered in Sri Lanka. It is higher than the population of the country (22.3 million).

Mobile users spend unlimited time on their devices. At least seven out of ten check their mobile phones every 20 minutes.

As a result of more time being spent on such devices, users open more apps for various purposes. As a mobile marketer, in fact, your success depends on identifying precisely what apps customers use.

The best mobile marketing strategy addresses to encourage continuum mobile app usage, from acquisition to re- activation.

Integrating mobile marketing

Today, we live in a mobile reality, which brings the world to our fingertips via smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. It has changed the connection between shops and consumers and how marketers connect with customers.

As per the growth of mobile marketing internationally, many organizations considered mobile marketing as a separate from the traditional channels. However, there is a great advantage if you integrate traditional channels where more consumers engage.

The mobile offers unlimited access to millions of users through their personal devices. This provides information on their location, of course, based on their permission. Based on locations, you can integrate the marketing campaign by reducing the cost of integration at national level. As marketers, we have to understand that, we are stewards of the customers journey and accountable for satisfy their personalized experience.

Reach your customer

As per the personnel usage behaviour of the mobile users, you can use a range of signals, which are exclusive in mobile marketing.

Timing – it is highly productive in delivering a message when use in currently interact with the device.

Message strategy - Present your message dynamically, arrange good format and attractive phrases.

Location - You can find location and arrange location based messaging system.

Stage of Response - Depending on the specific response by the customer you can begin a second message to accelerate the conversion.

After you put some of these tactics into action, measuring the success is key turning prospect of the next campaign. To start this endeavour, it is important to understand the difference between mobile app analytics and how you can leverage metric and insights from your marketing to drive real-time and future engagement cross channels.

Mobile application analytics indicate how many users engage with your mobile applications. If engagement is your primary goal, track the user spending time on your app and where they are disengaging.

Mobile marketing measurements shows the effectiveness of your marketing across all mobile touch points such as:


* Notifications

* Mobile landing pages

* Emails on mobile

Cross-channel communications

By measuring the campaign, marketers can extend their understanding of customer behaviour beyond the traditional methods of campaign measurement. Through this analytical method, you can gather and understand data from across devices, notifications, apps, and channels, which serves as a foundation to determine what the right conversation is, when you should have it, and how often you need it.

How to find the right users

In any trade, it’s expensive to acquire new customers and in the highly competitive mobile market place even more so. The number of new users are increasing year by year making the marketing environment more complex.

How can you organize your activities so that your efforts to get customers are not wasted on those who will not remain loyal or engaged? To win the battle to acquire new users in a universe of over 1.6 million mobile apps, you need to build a good strategy with a solid background.

To avoid wasting resources and time, conduct research upfront to build a solid profile of the right user. Understand what it makes your users loyal and pinpoints their distinct demographic attributes and interests. This insight will help you from the critical strategy you need to find more users just like them. By quickly and effectively targeting the right segments, customers most likely to engage with your app and step on the loyalty ladder.

Initiate the campaign by leveraging your existing marketable email database to drive awareness

of your mobile application among contacts who haven’t used yet. Track site visitors to detect those coming from mobile devices and send personalized messaging to encourage them to download the app.

Paid ads

Try to present users browsing through the mobile web, the opportunity to download the app before directing them to the mobile web page.

Run paid ads to encourage app downloads, and be sure to track attribution so you can understand if a particular demographic comes from a certain source. Run ads focusing on users who have previously visited your website. Since this tactic targets those who have already expressed interest, it allows you to narrow your reach.

On some social media platforms, like Facebook, marketers can purchase paid advertisements that enable marketers to target specific audiences to get them to download from the app store.

To design the most effective marketing program, start by segmenting your user database and messaging accordingly.

Despite proper segmentation, you are in the risk of a user opting out of your communications, or worse, deleting your app due to irrelevance. Consider the user’s life cycle stage, behaviour, and demographics to segment them into categories that you can target with relevant offers and messages. Keep in mind, you can automate many engagement tactics, such as surveys, quizzes, trivia, tutorials, personalized discounts and offers.

How to re-active dropouts

Consider using the user’s previous activity, the insight drawn from historical transactions and behavioral data can help you to decide on a highly personalized offer that reactivates inactive users. You can leverage all channels, including emails coupled with strong social media. All communications at this stage are important.

After you get the old users back, treat them as a new customer.

Customers who are successfully reactivated and subsequently nurtured have the potential to become the most loyal and profitable.

With above all tactics, test your timing, offers, personalization, creativity, channel, reach and more to find out what brings lapsed users back into the loop and what drives them away.

Even if, mobile is not only the way to interacts with your buyers. However, it’s a key component within a holistic customer journey. To design this type of experience that mobile users expect, you should seek a solution that helps you take a fully holistic approach. The right technology will enable a unified user experience on any device. If you can harness the power of mobile marketing, you will unlock the potential of an always, highly personalized vehicle to carry your message to the target customers.

The writer is Head, Consultancy at the National Institute of Business Management.