Rolling power cuts? Batagoda denies charge | Sunday Observer

Rolling power cuts? Batagoda denies charge

Some parts of Colombo and its suburbs have been facing power interruptions at short intervals in what seems like rolling power cuts for the past few days. However, Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy, Dr. Seren Batagoda denied that CEB has opted for power cuts due to lack of supply.

Speaking to the Sunday Observer, Dr. Batagoda explained that the power interruptions could be attributed to local power failures and other maintenance that would have taken place.

“There is no need at the moment for power cuts as we generate sufficient to meet the demand. We have been facing some technical issues interrupting the supply to some places which have been attended and resolved soon,” the secretary said.

Secretary Batagoda also blamed CEB unions for being intractable and difficult. “I fear that some of these black-outs may also be due to sabotage.”

“The Meethotamulla disaster resulted in damage to one of the main electricity towers in the area. Given the size of the tower and the damage sustained it is expected to take close to a week to bring it back to normalcy” he explained. According to the secretary, two power plants of Lakvijaya in Norocholai too have not been contributing to the national grid last two days. Speaking to the Sunday Observer, an engineer onsite Lakvijaya said that one station was completely shut down while the other had de-loaded during Thursday and Friday. He said that by yesterday two plants were running in full capacity, and that the plant which was completely shutdown is expected to contribute to the grid by tomorrow.

The secretary also said that there may be trade unionists attached to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) who are directly responsible for these power interruptions. Commenting on the chaotic environment that currently exists within the CEB, Dr. Batagoda says that many within the institution are liable for this.