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Met Department predicts more rain

Pic: Rukmal Gamage
Pic: Rukmal Gamage

Despite the rains receding, the Met Department states that more severe showers could be expected in the coming days, mostly on Monday and Tuesday.

Explaining weather forecasts

for the next few days, at the Temple Trees meeting yesterday, Anusha Warnasuriya, Deputy Director of the Meteorology Department stated that severe weather could be expected tomorrow and the day after due to a depression culminating in the Bay of Bengal.

Speaking to Sunday Observer, Director General of the Meteorology Department S. R. Jayasekara said that although a reduction in rainfall is seen it could be temporary and it is likely to enhance in the coming days, especially in the South Western areas.

“Although rain conditions have reduced considerably, as the South Western monsoon has been established continuous showers can be expected. Windy conditions will continue in the sea area off Western and Southern coasts as well,” Jayasekara said.

The latest weather forecast by the Met Department: “Showers or thundershowers will occur at times in the Western, Sabaragamuwa, Southern, Central and North-western provinces. Heavy rain (about 100 mm) can be expected at some places.

Showers or thundershowers will occur at several places elsewhere in the afternoon (especially in the Eastern and Uva provinces).Fairly strong winds at times (up to 50-60kmph) can be expected over the island. These winds can be strengthened during showers. The public is kindly requested to take adequate precautions to minimize damages caused by lightning.”

Acting Minister of Disaster Management, Dunesh Gankanda highlighted the need for the Meteorology Department to be technologically advanced. The Minister pointed out that the Department needs to be upgraded to provide more accurate forecasts.