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Dreaming on their feet

18 June, 2017

 It was an evening to remember when the students of the Russian School of Ballet and Dancing of the Russian Cultural Centre, Colombo showcased their talents at Bishop’s College Auditorium recently.

Students from three years onward ‘reached for their dreams’ providing a magical experience to the audience, displaying classical ballet dancing from around the world. The programme consisted of dances such as Wizard of Oz, Waltz, Kalinka, 12 Dancing Princesses theme song, Irish Dance, Fairy Land Ballet, Swan Lake, and various other pieces from other dances.

Budding ballerinas moved to the soothing sounds of ballet music, guided by the dedicated teachers - both local and Russian – of the Russian School of Ballet and Dancing.

Our photographer Sulochana Gamage captured these moments of the ballet concert, aptly titled Reach for your Dreams.