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My favourite movie character

My favourite movie character is Elsa from the movie FROZEN. She is a very beautiful, kind, generous and a nice queen from the kingdom of Arendele. She has this magical ability to control ice and snow. Elsa also has a younger sister named Anna. When Elsa and Anna were small their parents died in a storm at sea. They were very sad after that accident.

Elsa, who has magical powers was afraid to use them and kept it as a secret from everyone including Anna, after one very frightful memory. And that frightful incident happened when they were very small. They were playing with Elsa’s enchanting snow until Elsa accidently hit Anna with ice. Their parents took Anna to some species called Trolls and one wise Troll cured her and changed her memory. After they grew up, they held a coronation ceremony for Elsa. On the coronation day Elsa fled to a faraway place from Arendele where she could use her powers without hurting anybody, leaving her kingdom in winter snow.

Elsa is a well mannered, thoughtful, sympathetic and nice queen. She is a kind sister, a generous queen, a lovely friend and an obedient daughter. She is all of them.


Ravini Umedha Perera,

Grade 8 C,

Ashoka College, Horana.