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Police Log

Indian arrested

Officers of the Bandaragama Police have arrested an Indian national for remaining in the country without a valid visa and passport the Police Media unit said.

The Police had nabbed the individual on Friday in the Welmilla area in Bandaragama on a tip off received. According to the Police the arrested individual is said to be 55 years old. Bandaragama Police are carrying out further investigations into the incident.

Kerala ganja nabbed

Pooneryn Police were able to nab 248 Kilograms on Kerala ganja on Friday. Acting on a tip off received the Police were able to discover the drugs when it was being loaded to a vehicle after being brought to shore by a boat. The suspects had fled when the Police had arrived on the scene. Pooneryn Police are carrying out investigations to apprehend the suspects involved in the racket.

Extortion suspects arrested

Two people suspected to have attempted to extort money from a jewellery store in Giriulla, Meerigama have been arrested by the Meerigama Police. The duo had demanded Rs. 500,000 from the owner of the shop over the phone who had then complained to the Police regarding the incident. Contacting the owner the duo had once again demanded Rs. 50,000.

The Police had arrested one suspect when he had attempted to collect the extortion money from the victim while arresting another on information received. Suspects are said to be 34 and 47 year old residents of Gurugodalla. 


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