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The quest of The Last Knight has begun

2 July, 2017

The latest instalment of the Transformers movie franchise, The Last Knight opened at the Liberty Cinema for moviegoers in Sri Lanka on Friday evening of June 23. Yours truly was invited by Scope Cinemas (the company that is responsible for the many blockbuster movies screened at the Liberty Cinema) to be part of the excitement as the action came to life on the big screen in 3D.

Needless to say mind blowing action scenes of the nature found in a Transformers movie will certainly offer a more heightened visual sensory experience when watching on the big screen and in 3D! Therefore, all moviegoers who have a taste for action packed Sci-Fi genres who appreciate the ‘movie experience’ should make a date to witness the latest struggle between the clash of the robotic titans from Cybertron and their somewhat troubled relationship with their host planet – earth.

Transformers: The Last Knight opens another deeper cavern in the tragic history of Cybertron and the events that led to earth becoming acquainted with the transformers. In some respects this is an instalment which goes into the roots of the Transformers story universe. To any history buff with a penchant to view the mystical and legendary as something that teases the borders between myth and truth will find an appreciable storyline in this film which places mankind’s first encounters with the alien robots to go back to the roots of the Arthurian era which formed Britain’s foundations as a kingdom.

The bond between mankind and the Transformers in a common goal to preserve what is good and vanquish evil unfolds through the closely guarded historical knowledge of the Earl of Folgon played superbly by Sir Anthony Hopkins. This I would say, is one of the aspects that really distinguishes this instalment of the franchise from the previous ones. The history of the Transformers is brought out with a nexus between Cybertron and earth to the extent that earth is revealed to be the planet that had been the ancient enemy of Cybertron known by them as, ‘Unicron’. Towards the end of the movie, before the credits roll up the screen, we are given a glimpse of what the next instalment in the movie may unfold. The clash of the planets seems far from over.

The acting talents of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton, Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager and Laura Haddock as Vivian Wembley together with a host of other characters and the brigades of autobots and decepticons take the audience on a nonstop thrilling journey bound with myth and fantasy fused to modern age sci-fi that creates a larger picture of how magic and technology find harmony.

Scope Cinemas must be applauded for bringing a blockbuster as Transformers: The Last Knight to the big screen which will surely be a fan favourite of moviegoers across the island.