‘New constitution will address Tamils’ issues’ | Sunday Observer

‘New constitution will address Tamils’ issues’

The government should publish the interim reports on the proposed new constitution soon, TNA Parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran said at a press conference last evening. Commenting on the new constitution, he stated that the term ‘unitary state’ should not be removed from the new constitution.

He said that he has full confidence that the new constitution will address the national issues faced by the Tamil people.

“After the interim reports are made public everything will be spelled out clearly. The new constitution will be based on the federal system although it will not be indicated in such terms,” the Parliamentarian said.

He also raised concerns regarding the behaviour of the Northeastern Chief Minister, C. V. Wigneswaran stating that he keeps on harping on the 13th Amendment and since the 13th Amendment takes a unitary approach, the TNA vehemently opposes it.

It was further affirmed that all political parties had agreed to devolve power.

“TNA’s stance is that North and East should merge. This may not achievable immediately but is possible in the future.” He said TNA hopes to continue with the discussions pertaining to the merger and blamed the Chief Minister of hindering such discussions.

Stating that the reason for TNA to back the government was its intention to introduce a new constitution which will provide for a better political solution to the Tamil people he went on to say that if the government fails to address these issues in their new proposed constitution, it will decide whether to continue with extending their support to the government.