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ThreadSol introduces material management tool for garment industry

The textile and garment industry in Sri Lanka depends heavily on imported raw material and accessories.

More than 70 per cent of the raw material and 70 per cent - 90 per cent of the accessories used in the industry is imported.

Since fabrics and accessories account for more than 70 per cent of the cost of production, lack of backward links is a major constraint to the development of the industry.

ThreadSol, an enterprise material management provider for the sewn products industry, has been successful in saving upto 10 per cent fabric for garment manufacturers in Sri Lanka with its innovative solutions, intelloBuy and intelloCut.

ThreadSol’s IntelloCut is a material planning and optimization solution for the sewn products industry.

With the help of its advanced algorithms, IntelloCut gives the most optimized fabric usage plan for the optimized cutting and wastage reduction. ThreadSol’s IntelloBuy is a material estimation solution for the sewn products industry.

It gives accurate buying consumption for a particular style which saves money in material cost at fabric buying stage.

Country Manager, Sri Lanka, ThreadSol, Prateek Nigam said, “Sri Lanka’s apparel manufacturers have realized the gravity of targeting fabric cost to increase their profits.

In order to stay competitive they need to automate their processes by using the right technology. We are proud to stand by them in these evolving times.”

ThreadSol has partnered with the largest manufacturers in Sri Lanka including MAS Holdings, Orit Apparels, EAM Maliban Textiles, Omegaline, Crystal Martin, Brandix, Hirdaramani and helped them reduce wastage to under 1pct. 


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