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Seafood Cove @ Mt. Lavinia Hotel

With a culinary heritage of 200 years, the Mt. Lavinia Hotel has established the Seafood Cove right on the beach. You can’t get this close to the ocean anywhere around Colombo. The Cove is reminiscent of a typical fishing spot, taking the form of a massive cabana like hut which houses the show kitchen and some tables. The best seats are on the beach, right under the star embellished night sky.

It was nice to note the simple yet natural table décor of cream coloured sea shells on the dinner table. The stewards clad in printed sarongs and shirts add to the exotic ambience. The evening got off to a start with a mint and lime chilled beverage. It was refreshing to sip the mint that had been nicely infused into crushed ice.

The highlight of dining at the cove is the selection of your main dish. Thehotel has set up a “market” concept, where an assortment of fresh fish, crabs, prawns, lobster and cuttlefish are displayed. This concept creates an interactive dining experience as one can talk to the Chef and understand the variety of fish in our island. Sous Chef Ranga is busy explaining the seafood to both foreign and local diners. Each kind of fish is individually priced and therefore, customers can have the quantity they desire, cooked as per their taste.

The soup of the day-cream of asparagus is served in a white ceramic cup, a novel way rather than the traditional soup bowl. By now I can pick the faint melody of a calypso outfit visiting each table. The mixed seafood platter is served with spicy rice and green salad. The presentation of each dish adds zest to the overall meal.

The pan fried thalapth is tender and juicy. The cuttle fish sautéed in an oriental sauce leaves behind a lovely sweet and sour after taste. The best dish is the red mullet served in a thick curry. Red mullet is indeed a Sri Lankan delicacy. Chef Ranga made the prawns in two preparations: one batter fried and the other in a red hot sauce which really spiced up the evening. Seafood Cove must be commended for retaining the fresh flavour of each dish, as that is the best way to enjoy these delights of the deep blue sea. As the moon casts her glow on the beach it is time for dessert. I opted to have a vanilla and peanut butter pudding. To my surprise it was served in a crystal wine glass, adding a touch of opulence. The experience of dining at this venue was very relaxing, seated so close to the sea.