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Book launch : Birbal Ge Nuvana

Birbal Ge Nuvana (The wisdom of Birbal), written by Praneeth Dhanushka was launched recently. The book is a translation of a series of traditional Indian folk tales, weaved together, to show the unique wisdom of Birbal who was the main courtier of King Akbar’s court in India.

According to the stories in the book, Birbal wins every challenge successfully, using his spiritual wisdom, which is brought by the jealousies of the other ministers in the court. At every turn, King Akbar praises and applauds the great wisdom of Birbal and enjoys looking at how Birbal solves difficult challenges very easily through his big brain. The core of the stories in the book gives a good background to improve the qualitative and virtuous personality in the Lankan young generation.

This is Praneeth Dhanushka’s fourth book, his previous being, Vyjayanthimala - A Great Life of an Actress. Sinhala Language expert, Prof. Sandagomi Coparahewa, University of Colombo, also has written his impressions on the book. The book has been published by Stamford Lake publishers Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka. It contains 85 pages including attractive photographs for every story, and is priced at Rs 180. The cover is a creation of a famous artwork design company, Kalawa Design.

The first copies of the book were presented to popular actor, Shriyantha Mendis and to classical composer, playwright, stage drama producer and actor, Lucien Bulathsinhala, by the author, both of whom commended the efforts of the writer, Praneeth.