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Petit Futé Sri Lanka marks its arrival

16 July, 2017

Café Francaise by Pourcel on Park Street, Colombo 2 became the vibrant venue for the launch of Petit Futé travel guide on the evening of 12th July. The chic cocktail began a little past 7pm as well wishers and collaborators from the travel and leisure sector gathered to mark the release of the latest edition of the Petit Futé travel guide for Sri Lanka.

This French publication which is somewhat like a Lonely Planet guide for the francophone world began in 1976 as a student project. The Sri Lankan guide book Petit Futé is now in its 8th edition. 20,000 copies of this volume have been printed targeting the markets in France, Luxembourg, and many other countries where French is either a first language or widely used.

The evening’s proceedings commenced as Roxane Lamouille the publishing manager of Petit Futé Sri Lanka delivered a quick note of welcomed and thanked the members of the press and other guests for attending the official launch. She thanked everyone who had contributed towards the fruition of this latest edition of Petit Futé Sri Lanka and expressed her special thanks to the French Embassy in Colombo, especially the French Ambassador for Sri Lanka and the Maldives. A host of corporate partners from the travel and hospitality sector were also thanked with gratitude for the support they had provided in the form of hospitality logistics, and also sponsorships.

The Managing Director of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Sutheash Balasubramaniam congratulated Petit Futé for their latest publication and commended the endeavours to promote Sri Lanka among French speaking travellers.

Roxane Lamouille who is based in Paris said she travels regularly to Sri Lanka to gather information to update successive editions of Petit Futé Sri Lanka which is updated every two years.

Her visits take her to tourist sites, as well as hotels and other establishments related to the hospitality sector in the country. Apart from Sri Lanka, her work for Petit Futé also covers French Polynesia, Tunisia, The Bahamas, and several European countries.

The latest edition of Petit Futé Sri Lanka, the launch of which was heartily toasted by a host of well wishers will surely see the hard work Lamouille and her colleagues have put in, contribute to enrich the tourism sector in the emerald isle by attracting visitors from the francophone world.