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A quiet storm guitarist

Rav David (Ravin Daniel) has matured into an elegant improviser and a melodic and unadorned guitarist. You’ve heard him in various settings - Funk, Soul, Motown, Blues, Alternative, Grunge and Jazz. And now we are told he’s decided on a solo run and I’m sure his fans will be happy for him and applaud him for making this decision.

Solo guitarists are few in our music industry and you can enjoy his solo performance as a guitarist and vocalist on Sundays at The Curve from 7-11 p.m. Make sure your diary carries this information. His repertoire is amazing in its stretch.

He knows the hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. And, if you have grown up listening and enjoying these various hits - then you have a date with him.

There’s no denying that music is second nature to Rav David. He hails from a highly talented musical family starting off with his grandfather, and the immediate family members are respected for their unusual music talent.

Rav David, besides being an accomplished singer is a musician, lyric writer, composer, music producer and studio engineer. He has been a member of bands since 2000 and, is it any wonder that he has absorbed varied music talent – he played with The Fuz, Inner Sound, Rebel, D-Zone, Funk Junction, Magic Box Mix Up, Stigmata, RAGE and very recently, with none other than Dulan Lye’s band Proteus from Hong Kong which had a highly successful run at The Curve.

They say that staying power is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets to possess in today’s entertainment industry.

And Rav David has over the years been in the industry, gained popularity and no wild-left turns. His solos are, as a senior musician remarked, ‘stair-stepping solo work’ and he has the capacity to perform whatever type of music he wanted without losing his audience. If he has to play with a band that is highly advanced in their repertoire, it doesn’t rattle him. He throws himself into playing enthusiastically and creatively.

So, catch him in his creative moments.