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NDB strengthens women through ‘Araliya’

A woman too at times resembles ‘Araliya’, a flower that’s simple, humble yet resilient and beautiful. Looking back at the success one hasachieved in life, there has always been that woman (Ara- liya) who sacrificed much more, as a mother, daughter, wife, sister.

Women, an integral part of the world, play a greater role in the development and have a great potential to lift a nation.Women have now become active participants in all walks of life. They are more than just a unit of the family organization but are becoming a significant unit of the society while influencing the course of social change in the world.

It is for her that NDB dedicates Araliya, a Women’s savings account which will not merely be an account to save, but support her in terms of developing her skills, health and knowledge whilst giving strength, security and confidence to realize aspirations in her journey of life.

NDB as a Bank that holds three decades of excellence and experience in financially empowering Sri Lanka, has today taken a bigger stride to reach out to give that strength for our Sri Lankan Women.

NDB has thus far made continuous efforts to empower women through various initiatives significantly through SME and Micro Finance. As a Bank NDB takes every effort to provide constant encouragement and propel financial guidance for Sri Lankan women with a determination to grow in their life. NDB Araliya will have a host of benefits focused on women, and is ready to give the support she needs at different stages of her life. The product comes in with benefits such as a free life insurance and hospitalization cover for the account holder and family members, additional bonus interest, welcome gift on the initialdeposit, free NDB Shilpa Children’s savings account upon the birth of a child, a gift on the 21st birthday. 


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