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Workshop on Art subjects

 A workshop on Art subjects was held for pre-school teachers at the Madurankuliya Mercy Education Centre, Puttalam, on a Saturday, recently.   
The workshop was organized by the Mercy Education Centre administration, where more than 20 pre-school teachers from Puttalam, Thillaiyadiya and Kalpitiya areas participated.   
The Teacher Instructor for Art in the Puttalam Education Zone and well known artist M.M.Muhammed was the facilitator of the workshop.   
A basic training in Art for kindergarten kids was given to the teachers. They were taught how to draw flowers, human silhouettes, faces, fruits and animals using the alphabet letters of the three languages.   
Facilitator Muhammed was recently awarded and felicitated by the Ministry of Education, for conducting the highest number of workshops, islandwide.