Rs. 40m for drought stricken areas | Sunday Observer

Rs. 40m for drought stricken areas

6 August, 2017

More than one million people are affected countrywide due to the prevailing drought, Disaster Management Centre (DMC) Assistant Director Pradeep Kodippili said.

He said that the country had been hampered by drought since last December. Drought had hit badly in the Northern Province, Eastern Province, North Central Province.

He says that their biggest task is providing water especially for drinking purposes. In this regard, they had allocated Rs. 40 million to set 6,000 water tanks in drought prone areas.

The Disaster Management is strongly addressing the importance of mitigation projection especially with a focus to save water. In some of the parts 24 –hour water is provided.

Kodippili also said that they are giving utmost prominence monitoring system, key on the agenda to expedite drought mitigation projects countrywide. Drought monitoring is also taken very seriously than in the past.

On the Government‘s part it is providing unlimited funding for the betterment of the affected masses.

Nineteen districts were badly hit due to the prevailing weather pattern –drought condition- number of affected Divisional Secretariat 137. Kurunegala tops the list with 23, while 46, 100 families affected -151, 262 members.

Altogether 341408 families affected, in other words 1189165 people suffering due to lack of drinking water in the 19 districts have been badly affected by the lack of seasonal monsoon rains. The North and Eastern provinces are the worst affected.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Cost of Living (CSCL) in accordance with the president’s

instructions has made a decision to provide drought affected people a ‘relief pack’ with essential items worth Rs. 5,000 per month, for the next two months, Minister of Finance and Mass Media Mangala Samaraweera said. (IN)