Financial crimes : Special Courts, a must - Mano | Sunday Observer

Financial crimes : Special Courts, a must - Mano

Minister of National Co-existence, Dialogue and Official Languages, Mano Ganeshan expressed concern regarding the delay in investigations into financial crimes and said that time has come to set up special courts to conduct financial crime cases.

SPECIAL courts shall be named for FCID &/all -Financial crimes w/out further delay. All accused can go there to PROVE their PURITIES. The minister said yesterday in a tweet.

When this issue was taken up in the Cabinet previously, Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe had stated that since the existing legal framework doesn’t provide for introducing new courts, constitutional amendments will be necessary to set up such courts.

“I feel that the necessity today is to establish special courts to bring an end to financial crimes. This has been discussed before. However, no finality was reached. This is not something that should be delayed any further,” Minister Ganeshan told the Sunday Observer.

The Minister further stated that according to the advice that he had received from legal experts it is more prudent to name an existing court for this purpose. By doing this, a better result could be obtained without wasting any time on constitutional amendments. “The government should not waste more time in concluding investigations and taking it to the next level by initiating the legal process. If a new institution is set up, any party would have the right to go before it and prove their innocence,” the Minister said.